Monk’s resurrection: Revered Luang Pu Khek’s stays restored after fiery ordeal, followers seek lottery blessings

The skeletal remains of revered monk Luang Pu Khek, an esteemed figure within the metropolis of Phitsanulok, have been absolutely restored and returned to their authentic state after a devastating fireplace destroyed his glass coffin. This follows a call to his devotees, and these that maintain religion in him, to take part in a procession and verify out their luck at guessing the successful lottery numbers.
Luang Pu Khek, also recognized as Phra Mongkol Suthee (Lamyong Paphaso), was a well-known monk from Phitsanulok, a former abbot of Wat Sunthorn Pradit and provincial adviser to the clergy of Phitsanulok, handed away in 2018. His stays were placed in a glass coffin on the second floor of the temple’s sermon hall. However, on July 30 final year, an electrical short circuit caused a fire that burnt the glass coffin containing the skeletal remains, causing almost 70% damage to the body, but the skeleton remained 100% intact. The incident was a painful blow to the students and villagers who revered Luang Pu Khek.
Nevertheless, students and followers of the revered abbot collected donations and sent the burnt skeletal stays of Luang Pu Khek for restoration to the best attainable state in Chiang Mai.
The skeletal stays of Luang Pu Khek, along together with his beeswax determine, had been then invited again to Wat Sunthorn Pradit in Bang Rakam district, Phitsanulok, yesterday, September 19, ranging from 8am onwards, which coincided with Luang Pu Khek’s 99th birthday.
Followers had been invited from all areas, together with the people of Phitsanulok, to welcome and provide rice and flowers in a procession across the city. The procession started from Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat, also identified as Wat Yai.
The procession then moved to Wat Sunthorn Pradit in Bang Rakam district. Hilarious of Luang Pu Khek were carried across the Bang Rakam market as quickly as before entering Wat Sunthorn Pradit.
During the morning ceremony, six-wheeled vehicles and army personnel from the 3rd Army Command helped carry the skeletal remains and beeswax determine of Luang Pu Khek within the glass coffin and then paraded around the city of Phitsanulok. The procession then moved to Bang Rakam, a distance of about 20 kilometres, and circled the Bang Rakam market once before moving into Wat Sunthorn Pradit.
Many college students, followers, and native villagers in Bang Rakam lined as much as welcome the procession and provided rice and flowers. After that, the skeletal remains of Luang Pu Khek have been paraded around the temple three times before being positioned on the second ground of the sermon corridor for the villagers to pay their respects. Philanthropists additionally set up food stalls to supply free meals, reported Sanook.
Many followers tried their luck with the following lottery numbers: 19, 94, and 99, which are associated to Luang Pu Khek’s age, as well as the numbers of the leading automobile and the automotive carrying the beeswax determine of Luang Pu Khek, which are sixty two, sixteen, 67, eighty three, 50, forty six, hoping to win in the upcoming draw.
As for the history of Luang Pu Khek, a 70-year-ordained former abbot of Wat Sunthorn Pradit in Bang Rakam, he’s a renowned monk of Phitsanulok with college students and followers throughout Thailand and even abroad. The 94 year previous deceased has gained the respect and religion of nationwide politicians, high-ranking army officers, cops, merchants, and the general public for his renowned capacity to consecrate amulets and create holy water, making him well-known throughout the north, central and southern areas of Thailand.
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